11 Nov

Safaris in Botswana are one of the most popular adventure activities in Africa. It is a country that offers an abundance of wildlife and beautiful scenery. When planning a safari, it is important to have the necessary equipment such as camera, maps, hut or campsite reservation and insurance. This will ensure you get to see and experience all the beautiful destinations Botswana has to offer.
There are many popular safari holidays in Africa which include hiking on the Okavango River, visiting the Gaboroe Game Reserve, visiting Masai Mara, walking through the Zimani Hills and exploring the Victoria Falls. The top destinations are always busy with both local and foreign visitors. There is a lot of excitement and at any given day you can see up to 20 species of animals.

Hiking and game viewing are the most common activities on safaris in Botswana. You can go for days and never see anything and all you would get is a few photos and nothing much in the way of information. This is because the parks and reserves are very busy. So plan your safari well in advance and be prepared to do a lot of walking and game viewing.
If you are an adventurous kind of person and love to explore and have a lot of outdoor activities, you must go for the safari in Chobe National Park. The top destinations of this park are the Chobe River, Lake Baringo, the Chobe plateau and the Okavango delta. At Chobe, there are a number of game viewing experiences to do including viewing wild antelopes, hippos, giraffes, buffalo, zebra and black rhinos among others. This is also the home of the Great Migration and the Botswana Golden pompano.

These Safaris in Botswana have a wide variety of hotels, lodges, camps and caravan parks to choose from. Most of the hotels provide all amenities and meet the highest standards. You can choose between luxurious resorts, lodges and game viewing safaris. You can also opt for day or night safaris.
Another popular attraction in Botswana is the Okavango Delta where you can do some game viewing, swimming, snorkelling and more. There are several game viewing safaris in Botswana and you can visit the Okavango River, Chobe and other important sites. In addition, the hotels, lodges and camps provide excellent facilities such as sauna houses, hot baths, air-conditioning, Jacuzzis, pools, showers, campsite and more. Hence, it is easy to organize your safari trip to Botswana and stay at one of the many Botswana safari camps.

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